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If you are an officer or a student that would like to get involved with the group then email us, requesting more information or to be added to our contact list for future meetings.

  • Shelly Asquith –
  • Hannah Roberts –

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  1. Mike Finlay

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a contemporary artist and educator. I am currently working with pupils with special needs in the North East and have recently set up a GCSE in Fine Art for autistic pupils. I am passionate about art and art education and am keen to find out more about getting involved with your work. I set up a pupil run contemporary gallery that is struggling to survive under funding struggles and the GCSE course struggles for basic materials as the school can’t gain access to a budget for a GCSE in art. The more I can do to tackle the wider problem surrounding this sort of issue, the better.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully see you at the Art Party Conference!
    Kind regards,

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